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 In an extensive interview by NPR's Boston affiliate, WGBH, President David A. Greene talked about the role the arts have played in driving Waterville's exciting resurgence, and how the College's leadership and commitment to the city have created a dynamic momentum that's having a wide range of impacts.
Colby College's recent Rural Voter Survey was featured in USA Today. The poll, which explored how rural Americans feel about the upcoming presidential election, provided insightful data and complements research in the new book The Rural Voter: The Politics of Place and the Disuniting of America by Assistant Professor of Government, Nick Jacobs, and Professor of Government, Dan Shea.
The Colby Museum’s exhibition, The World Outside: Louise Nevelson At Midcentury, topped the Boston Globe’s recent list of 10 compelling winter art shows, noting that it’s “as significant a survey as Nevelson has had in years.
Matthew Schneider-Mayerson, Associate Professor of English, was interviewed at the top of the hour in NPR’s All Things Considered on his research and development of the Climate Reality Check, which involved Colby students. 
Portland Press Herald
The World Outside: Louise Nevelson at Midcentury was featured in the Portland Press Herald before its final weekend at the Colby Museum. The article noted it’s a “spectacular retrospective” and you should “make a beeline” to it before it closes.
Yahoo News
Nicholas F. Jacobs, assistant professor of government, was interviewed for an article in the Portland Press Herald on Trump's felony convictions and if it will affect the vote in Maine.
Foreign Policy
Stacy-ann Robinson, associate professor of environmental studies, was quoted in Foreign Policy on global climate finance and justice efforts.
Maine Home + Design
Painted: Our Bodies, Hearts, and Village, was featured in Maine Home + Design's June 2024 issue
Beth Finch, Colby Museum's Head Curator, was interviewed in the GBH podcast 'The Culture Show' about the exhibit The World Outside: Louise Nevelson at Midcentury (interview starts at the 22-minute mark).
Christian Science Monitor
Neil Gross, the Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology, was quoted in The Christian Science Monitor on policing movements nationwide.
Associated Press
A feature story by the Associated Press on the Climate Reality Check, co-developed by Colby’s Buck Lab for Climate and Environment, was picked up by a wide range of media outlets, including The Washington Post, ABC News, U.S. News & World Report, and the South China Morning Post.
The Odd Years - Podcast
Assistant Professor of Government Nick Jacobs, and Professor of Government Dan Shea, talked about what coverage of rural voters is not getting right on the popular podcast The Odd Years, produced by the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter.
Portland Press Herald
The Portland Press Herald and Maine Public reported on a recent study by Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Gail Carlson, which involved interviews with Maine physicians about the links between climate change and public health, including the spread of tick-borne diseases that no longer die off in the winter.