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After graduating from Colby with a degree in government, Ben Wexler-Waite ’14 worked in communications roles for several political campaigns, before following his passion for food. He opened an open-air restaurant, Il Leone, on Peaks Island in Portland, Maine.

From Politico to Pizzaiolo

Ben Wexler-Waite ’14 operates a farm-to-table open-air restaurant on Maine’s Peaks Island

MJ Kievman

Stopping the Hiccups: Modern-Day Therapeutics Replace Home Remedies

MJ Kievman’s biotech company leads with science and innovation to squelch occasional and chronic hiccups

Carolyn Jeppsen

Carolyn Jeppsen ’86 Promotes Innovation Through Altruism

She traded her work as a lawyer to start a nonprofit that helps neurodivergent young people find their way in the world

Josephine Liang

From Lunching to Launching a Startup

Josephine Liang ’14 cofounded CauliBox to reduce takeout waste in London

Alexis Grant

Celebrating Small Deals (And Big Wins)

How Alexis Grant ’03 built an entrepreneur-focused media company

Thomas Savage. Photograph by John E. Woodman Jr.

The Power of Tom Savage

Favored at the Oscars, the movie The Power of the Dog is bringing overdue attention to the Colby author who wrote the original novel.

Frank Apantaku '71

Noted Trauma Surgeon and Trustee Emeritus Frank Apantaku ’71 Dies

A life marked by meaningful service to the Colby community and to thousands of Chicagoans under his care

Jennifer Ancker Whelen '95

A Career Built on Connectivity

The lessons about teamwork that Jennifer Ancker Whelen ’95 learned on the rugby field have served her well in the financial services industry

Camille Ross '20

In Search of the North Atlantic Right Whale

Camille Ross ’20 coauthors a new study predicting the travel patterns of the endangered species

Photo of Mike Eckel

Journalist Mike Eckel ’93 Reports from Ukraine

The experienced reporter with extensive experience on Russia and Ukraine covers the invasion