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Artist Sarah Faragher

Working with Nature

Among Maine’s most admired landscape painters, Sarah Faragher ’90 turns to brush—and pen—to record her world

A Lucky Find or an Educated Guess?

Thanks to a course he took at Colby, Will Sideri ’20 helped identify a page from a valuable 13th-century manuscript at a Waterville estate sale

Amar Sehic ’17, Tommaso Montagni ’17, and Krenar Roka ’17

How Three Friends Moved from Pack Mules to a Multi-Million Dollar Startup Company

The work ethic and hustle of these Colby alumni have carried them through challenging times

UM Ross Dean Sharon Matusik

Sharon Matusik ’86 Blazes Trail to the Top

How a first-generation student wound up at the head of one of the best business schools in the country

Matt Russ

Plein-air Painter Matthew Russ ’96 Finds Solace in the Natural World

He goes far afield to find remote locations, where he connects with nature—and collectors

Wiley Holton

Making Art While Finding Meaning

Using her paintings as a way to heal, Wiley Holton ’19 makes connections that matter

Michael Wormser

Lifelong Love of Books Inspires Planned Gifts to Support Colby Libraries and Establish Director Fund

Michael Wormser ’59 hopes to pass along his passion for “the actual book during this digital age”

Deanna Perez ’22

Deanna Perez ’22 Continues Her Educational Journey at Harvard

Emboldened by her experience on Mayflower Hill, the recent Colby graduate works toward her dream of becoming a college dean

Meghan Hurley

Safeguarding California’s Central Coast

Meghan Hurley ’20 works with Chumash tribal leaders to establish a marine sanctuary 13 miles offshore

Veronica Perez

Children’s Art Informs Museum Exhibits

The Lunder Institute and Children’s Discovery Museum collaborate on community art