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Jessica Lyon ’19

When the Past Never Passes

A documentary film by Jessica Lyon ’19 reveals the complexity of reclaiming German citizenship after the Holocaust

Gail Carlson

Maine College Students Gather at Colby for Climate Action

Over 100 students from a dozen schools across the state gathered in the Diamond Building for Colby’s Maine College Climate Action Summit on Nov. 9, united by their commitment to combat climate change.

Person on stage

Tech’s the Thing

Performing arts meets technology to stage a story of our times

Loren McClenachan

Loren McClenachan Named 2019 Pew Marine Fellow

The Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation has named Loren McClenachan a 2019 Marine Fellow. McClenachan, a marine ecologist and Colby’s Elizabeth and Lee Ainslie Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, will be awarded $150,000 over a three-year period for her project “Using historical data to maximize fisheries yields and…

Two firefighters surrounded by burning forest

Where Climate Adds Fuel to the Fires

Wildland Fires Ben Hannon ’13Science, Technology, and Society Ben Hannon ’13 has seen one of the most referenced consequences of climate change up close. He’s felt the searing heat and been engulfed by the billowing smoke. He’s seen flames leap from treetop to treetop, vaulting…

Clouds in evening sky

Putting Climate Science into Perspective

Atmospheric Science Jim FlemingCharles A. Dana Professor of Science, Technology, and Society Climate change in today’s terms can often feel like a precipice: a 2°C limit for warming; 410 parts per million carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; 100-year weather events. Carbon budgets. Thresholds. Milestones. Tipping points.

Traffic and air pollution in Beijing

Seeking a Smarter City

Environmental Studies and Computer Science Sola Zheng ’17Environmental Studies – Computation As a young student in Shanghai, Sola Zheng ’17 wanted a college experience that would bring her closer to nature. She found it on Mayflower Hill, but one aspect of rural America jolted her.

Large hurricane seen from outer space

On the Forefront of Climate Policy

Renewable Energy Tyler Clevenger ’16 As international climate talks convened last November, an unofficial cadre arrived in Bonn to affirm support from the United States. Cities, states, and businesses promised to honor the 2015 Paris Agreement under an effort dubbed America’s Pledge, despite President Donald Trump’s…