Impactful Videos from 2021

Animating the excellence, talent, and influence of the Colby community

December 21, 2021

Amid the ongoing challenges of the global pandemic, the Colby community displayed an impressive resiliency, contributing to conversations about the arts, environmental issues, social justice, technology, and the sciences. Here’s a look back at videos from 2021 that highlight their meaningful work.  

Supporting Future Scientists

For Pulver Science Scholar Katie Callahan ’24, science is a passion, a study, and a path forward. See how she’s growing as a scientist by shadowing doctors making an impact in rural medicine and studying the implications of workplace genetic testing.

Painting En Plein Air from a Mobile Tiny House

Painter Chris Rodiger ’22 wanted to create a space that allowed him to get out of the studio and fully into nature, so he built a cedar tiny house onto his truck bed and hit the road. See how the “Beehive” became not only his home but a gateway to further growth as an artist.

Fighting Climate Change Through Maine Wilderness Conservation

“We’re the most forested state in the United States. … It’s the number one asset that Maine has that places us on a global stage.” Get a glimpse into the life of Steve Tatko ’10, who manages more than 100,000 acres of Maine forest for the Appalachian Mountain Club.

Increasing Mental Health Awareness Through Art

Artist Katie Southworth ’16 has been recognized by outlets like British Vogue, Vanity Fair London, and more for her colorful, emotionally driven work. See how her transformative time in Colby’s art program contributed to her success today and led to a partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Using Technology to Solve Social Issues

Zo Orchingwa ’14 is revolutionizing the prison correspondence system with his company and platform Ameelio. Learn why it’s garnering attention from major outlets like Forbes, the Washington Post, and Business Insider.

Life Beyond Basketball

“It’s gone by in a heartbeat, but I tell people I feel like I’ve lived so much life here at Colby.” Hear more from Wallace Tucker ’21 about how his time on Mayflower Hill as a basketball player and education student has set him up for his next chapter.

Behind the Scenes of Colby Theater and Dance’s Topdog/Underdog

“When people see Topdog/Underdog, I hope that they can see that there’s humanity in everyone. I hope that they can see that people’s circumstances don’t define the people. That there’s more to people than what meets the eye, and that we’re humans.” —Avery Ford ’22

AI: Colby Faculty Talk, Ethics

“Ethics is a central part of a liberal arts education … having that liberal arts background paired with the Davis Institute for AI is going to be really beneficial in exploring the ethical uses of AI going forward.” Hear more from Colby faculty across different disciplines discuss the importance of ethics and artificial intelligence.