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Justin Ehrenwerth ’01, executive director of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council

Water Works

A jaunt to Jazz Fest leads to a mission for Louisiana’s wetlands

Assistant Professor of Geology Bess Koffman in her lab at Colby.

Colby-Bigelow Partnership Awarded Research Grant to Study Volcanic Ash in Pacific Marine Ecosystem

A $600,000 grant will allow geologist Bess Koffman and Bigelow researchers to investigate how volcanic ash supports ecosystems in Pacific Ocean.


The Path of Least Resistance

Thinley Wangden ’23 uses NASA data to map safe corridors for Bhutan’s elephants

House near ocean with solar panels on roof

Input and Collaboration Crucial to Success

Creating Climate Equity Alison BatesAssistant Professor of Environmental Studies Want a reminder of how our environmental consciousness has changed in the past 20 years? Consider Alison Bates then and now. First, she worked in conservation for a nonprofit, replanting native trees in the San Bernardino…

Flock of birds in flight in evening sky

Considering Extinction’s Bigger Picture

Giant pandas have become an international symbol for species at risk of extinction. They are cultural icons, bringing ecotourism dollars to local economies. With extensive conservation efforts, panda populations have increased significantly, but is that enough to prevent their demise? If their main food source, bamboo, went extinct, would…

Reading the Environment

New concentration in ecocriticism adds humanities-based voice to critical conversations

Jack Pump in urban area

No Time to Waste

For Catherine Fraser ’19, Lilli Y. Garza ’20, and Joanna Keel ’19, the stakes have never been higher. That’s because Black and Brown communities are at risk around the globe. The problems? Energy poverty, big polluters, inequity, to name a few. But these environmental-justice crusaders aren’t intimidated. In…

Environmental studies major Skylar Tupper ’20 and Gail Carlson collecting samples on race course.

Banned But Still Toxic

Gail Carlson serves notice that chemicals in ski racers’ waxes still lurk at the starting line

Harold Alfond Athletic Center Field House with runner

Top 10 Videos of 2020

Highlighting stories that made an impact

PBS Newshour

Top 10 Media Stories of 2020

Colby Steps Into National Media Spotlight