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Environmental studies major Skylar Tupper ’20 and Gail Carlson collecting samples on race course.

Banned But Still Toxic

Gail Carlson serves notice that chemicals in ski racers’ waxes still lurk at the starting line

Harold Alfond Athletic Center Field House with runner

Top 10 Videos of 2020

Highlighting stories that made an impact

PBS Newshour

Top 10 Media Stories of 2020

Colby Steps Into National Media Spotlight

The Past All Around Us

On Mayflower Hill, biologist Abby Pearson reveals ways the land has been shaped by human hand

Mykela Patton

Justice Served

Mykela Patton gathers skills and knowledge to fight environmental inequality

Illustration of Aspen leaves by Leskiw

Reading the Trees

Dominick Leskiw hears the stories only an aspen can tell

Jennifer Meredith in plane

Where the Rights Lead

Jennifer Meredith investigates the impacts of Alaskan fishing permits

Edge of urban area and forest seen from the air

In a New Light

Environmental Philosophy Keith PetersonAssociate Professor of Philosophy Associate Professor of Philosophy Keith Peterson recently published a new book, A World Not Made for Us: Topics in Critical Environmental Philosophy (SUNY Press), which provides much-needed historical and conceptual context for addressing the environmental challenges faced today and raises…

2019 PGM ONE Summit. Photograph by Natasha Cohen-Carroll.

Must-have Voices

Sophie Dipti Sarkar works to shift the focus of the environmental movement to include communities of color

Cattle running across grasslands in Africa

In Africa, Using Nature to Protect Nature

Ecological Systems Matt Brown ’92Africa Regional Managing Director Fresh out of Colby in 1992, Matt Brown joined the Peace Corps. His assignment—tending a tree nursery in Ghana—set him on a lifelong path. After two and a half years of volunteer service growing trees, Brown spent another…