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CO2 emissions from coal power plant

Reduce that Footprint

Philosophy and Action David Farnsworth ’78Regulatory Assistance Project David Farnsworth ’78 travels the world, advising utility regulators and private citizens how to reduce their carbon footprints. But he is less an evangelist than a keen connoisseur of eco-friendly energy options. I learned this the hard way recently when…

Close view of tilled field on farm

On Climate, Think Globally and Act Locally

Farming and Climate Allison Chatrchyan ’92Director of the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions For the past decade, Allison Morrill Chatrchyan ’92 has attended Empire Farm Days, an annual agriculture show in upstate New York, to talk about climate change with farmers and others in the…

Gail Carlson

Maine College Students Gather at Colby for Climate Action

Over 100 students from a dozen schools across the state gathered in the Diamond Building for Colby’s Maine College Climate Action Summit on Nov. 9, united by their commitment to combat climate change.

Steven Nicholas story detail of shelf in office with family photos

For Children’s Sake

For three decades, Steve Nicholas has worked to create more sustainable cities. He tells videographer Reggie Huang why we must make progress on this urgent problem before it’s turned over to the next generation…

Cal Waichler, Wild Mercy, 2017. Trace monotype, 9x23 in. (Detail)

The Lives of Trees
Lending voice and image to the bellwether redwood

A Voice for the Environment Cal Waichler ’21 When she arrived at Colby, Cal Waichler ’21 set out to study Maine’s forests, including old-growth tracts in the Pine Tree State. To her dismay, she discovered there were practically none. This prompted Waichler to consider the lives of…

Arid, brown canyon landscape with river

A Climate Storyteller

If you’ve followed the career of outdoor writer Heather Hansman ’05, you’ll recognize her gasping for air after dumping her raft-load of customers into a Class V rapid on the Gauley River, avoiding avalanches in deep backcountry powder in the Rockies and Cascades, or dodging toxic algae and scary…

Sign asking for donations of water, Flint, Michigan

For Eric Roy ’04, Flint Water Crisis Created a Company

In the spring of 2015, Eric Roy ’04 said he got a tip from an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) retiree about high lead levels in the water in Flint, Mich. This was before the people of Flint fully understood what was in their water. And way before Flint became…

Loren McClenachan

Loren McClenachan Named 2019 Pew Marine Fellow

The Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation has named Loren McClenachan a 2019 Marine Fellow. McClenachan, a marine ecologist and Colby’s Elizabeth and Lee Ainslie Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, will be awarded $150,000 over a three-year period for her project “Using historical data to maximize fisheries yields and…

Sea turtle swimming in clear ocean waters

Oceans of Change

Marine Ecology Loren McClenachanElizabeth and Lee Ainslie Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies For all the fish we eat and ships we sail, humans still know very little about the seas that sustain us. We know even less about how climate change is affecting those waters over…

Maine harbor with fishing boats

Trained Globally, Acting Locally

By the time they graduated, Emmie Theberge ’08 and Sophie Janeway ’17 had, between them, studied conservation policy in Ecuador, wind power legislation in Maine, human interaction with the ecology of the Gálapagos Islands, changing fisheries in Vietnam, the effect of climate change on Moroccan farmers, the environmental impact…