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Finding Solutions to the Impact of Forever Chemicals

Maine is leading the way, and Colby scientists are contributing with their research and advocacy

Buck Lab for Climate and Environment Lets Student Ideas Take Flight

The six-year-old lab encourages Colby students to do work that has a real impact in the world

Prairies in Progress

The native plantings near the Harold Alfond Athletics and Recreation Center are starting to come into their own

Urgent Work on the Impact of Wildfire Emissions

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Greg Drozd studies soot from wildfires at the molecular level to measure the impact on our climate

Four people in a motorboat on Great Pond in the Belgrade Lakes are on a loon monitoring expedition.

Protecting the Call of the Wild 

Colby students spend the summer interning for the Belgrade Lakes Association’s Loon Preservation Project

Natalie Michelle talks to group

Leading Scholars in the Field of Environmental Humanities Gather at Colby

In its fourth year, the Summer Institute in the Environmental Humanities creates a platform for discussing the pressing issues of the day

A female red-winged blackbird, a song sparrow, a female mallard duck with ducklings, a laughing gull, and a male red-winged blackbird were spotted earlier this summer on Allen Island.

Understanding the Mysteries of Bird Migration

With the installation of a new tracking system, Colby’s Island Campus is now part of an international research network that monitors birds, bats, and insects

Senior Standouts 2023

Senior Standouts 2023

These graduating seniors represent the academic breadth and excellence of Colby’s Class of 2023.

Philip Nyhus

‘Sustainability is a Journey, Not a Destination’

Fresh from a gathering of campus and federal leaders, Philip Nyhus discusses the next phase of Colby’s climate leadership

Colby Attains Official United Nations Observer Status for Climate Change

Now, the College will have more chances to participate in the global climate conversation