Top 10 Videos of 2020

Highlighting stories that made an impact

Harold Alfond Athletic Center Field House with runner
December 18, 2020

Colby rose to the occasion when called in 2020, creating a national model with our Return to Campus initiative, opening the Harold Alfond Athletics and Recreation Center, the most advanced and comprehensive NCAA D-III facility in the country, and continuing cutting-edge research. Look back at videos that highlight the compassion, talent, and excellence of the Colby community.

A Look Into Life on Mayflower Hill

“Colby is one of the best-positioned institutions to handle this pandemic and continue to give its students the educational value it seeks to accomplish.” Scott Jackson ’21 and other members of the Colby community provide a look into life at Colby.

Arts and Activism

“When you’re forced to think differently about art, you’re forced to think differently about the world.” Listen to Colby students and faculty share their perspectives on the relationship between arts and activism.

Beyond Bidding

Associate Professor of Economics Tim Hubbard’s Auctions seminar culminates in a student-led charity auction, helping students learn that auctions aren’t just about profit and efficiency; they’re a lens through which we can understand broader social issues and inequities.

Concerto Winner Thomas Deng

Thomas Deng ’20 is this year’s winner of the Music Department’s Annual Concerto Competition. In March Deng, a computer science major and music minor, played the Third Movement of S. Prokofiev’s Sonata No. 7 Op. 83 in B flat Major in Lorimer Chapel.

Food for Thought

Hannah Springhorn ’19, Colby’s 65th Watson Fellow, has spent eight months in five countries exploring the relationship between food, culture, and body image within distance-running communities. “It was a practice in showing up, day after day, relentlessly,” she explained.

Frozen in Stone

What does the seismic hotbed of Sumatra have in common with Maine? Per structural geology and tectonics expert and Associate Professor of Geology Bill Sullivan, the rock deformations his lab students study at Maine’s Pemaquid Point are similar to those found deep beneath this seemingly unrelated location.

Introducing the Harold Alfond Athletics and Recreation Center

Welcome to the new Harold Alfond Athletics and Recreation Center, the most advanced and comprehensive NCAA D-III facility in the country.

Pay It Northward

When members of our community needed it most, the Colby network stepped up and rallied behind members of the Class of 2020, aiming to secure jobs for every graduating student.

Running for a Cause

Christine Brown Hein ’97 first fell in love with running while she was a student on Mayflower Hill. Now, as she coordinates Maine Medical Center’s emergency response to COVID-19, she’s leaning on lessons learned while running to help her navigate the pandemic.


“SOBLU meant home.” Experience 50 years of Students Organized for Black and Latinx Unity (SOBLU) from the perspectives of over 40 members past and present, and the profound impact the organization has had at Colby and across the country.

SOBLU at 50: A Retrospective

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