Alumni Gift Expands Student Opportunities in Fine Arts, Politics

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April 2, 2019

The path from Mayflower Hill to important careers in fine arts or politics just got wider.

Thanks to the generosity of alumni donors, Colby is further expanding its mission of universal experiences for all students. A $1-million gift will help ensure that students with limited financial resources will be able to explore the worlds of fine arts and museums, and politics and civic engagement.

“This is a wonderfully generous gift that will have an immediate and positive impact,” said Colby President David A. Greene. “Students who may not otherwise have the financial ability will have funding for experiences outside the classroom that will enrich their education and further their professional development.”

The donors, who have chosen to remain anonymous, want to support diversity in the fields of politics and fine arts and to bolster Colby’s ongoing efforts to ensure all students have exceptional opportunities, especially those outside the classroom. This gift will help underwrite the cost of student experiences, including internships and research opportunities, which these donors know are often a pivotal step that builds on academic experience and leads to important and impactful careers.

Funds will be available for student experiences beginning this summer.

“The impact of this generous and timely gift strengthens the College’s ability to guarantee universal experiences for all,” said Vice President and Dean of Student Advancement C. Andrew McGadney, who oversees DavisConnects. “Ultimately, gifts in support of universal experiences leverage the power of a liberal arts education and propel our students to even greater post-graduate success.”

With this new initiative, these alumni are joining other donors in the Dare Northward campaign, which has made inclusivity a priority. The campaign has allowed for the expansion of already substantial financial aid and the creation of opportunities for all students—regardless of financial means and family connections—to do meaningful internships and research in the United States and abroad.

These experiences build on students’ access to distinguished faculty, distinctive and rigorous academic programs, and the renowned Colby College Museum of Art. In addition to this latest commitment, recent initiatives include DavisConnects, which will implement the opportunities supported by this most recent gift, and the Colby Labs, both of which make opportunities available to students regardless of financial need. All of these combine to give all students experiences that complement their studies and prepare them for important careers.

Throughout the campaign, alumni, parents, and other Colby supporters have been stepping up in unprecedented ways to support the College’s mission to provide universal student experiences, with both financial gifts and in-kind contributions, sponsoring internships, hosting student groups, and participating in events both on and off campus to impart career advice and experience.

These efforts are ongoing, as supporters continue to join in the effort to support students.