Colby College Athletics Welcomes Ahmad Boyd as Student Athlete Experience Intern

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August 15, 2019

Colby College Athletics welcomes Ahmad Boyd as the new student athlete experience intern, a two-year position made possible by an NCAA Women and Ethnic Minorities Grant. In this new role, Boyd will help the department build a comprehensive and sustainable leadership development program for student athletes. He will also develop a strategy for communications and social media that highlights student athlete experiences, accolades, and leadership. These programs and strategies will include deliberate efforts to support diversity and inclusion efforts of the department.

Through the search process, Boyd emerged as the ideal candidate to serve in this capacity and help with the positive growth of student athletes at Colby College. Boyd is a determined professional with a natural proclivity for leadership, excellence, integrity, and dedication. His work at Ithaca College proves this point as he served as an advocate for all students, with a focus on student athletes and those from marginalized groups, and impacted the campus for the last five years.

Ahmad earned both his bachelor of arts in sport studies and his master of science in sport psychology from Ithaca College, where he was a member of the men’s varsity basketball program and held multiple roles from student athlete, student assistant, and graduate assistant.

His career in higher education began as program coordinator for the Emerging Academic and Professional Leaders Program at Ithaca College in 2017. In this role, Boyd assisted in the transitional process of first-year students across campus, providing resources for success while conducting workshops on leadership and professional development, placing an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Additionally, he served as a residence director at Ithaca College, where he had similar responsibilities, including conducting trainings for the resident assistants on the topics of leadership, inclusion, and facilitation of difficult conversations. Boyd also had the opportunity to serve as chair for professional staff development for the entire department and was responsible for the delivery of one development session per month.

Boyd began his internship at Colby Aug. 12.