Heading West

Colby’s Women’s Nordic Ski Team Qualifies for NCAA Division I Skiing Championships

Gretta Scholz ’24 takes the lead in front of her teammates during a final practice at Waterville's Quarry Road Trails before departing for Soldier Hollow Nordic Center in Utah to compete in the NCAA Skiing Championships.
By Linzy Rosen ’22Photography by Caitlin Penna
March 4, 2022

Erin Bianco ’22, Rose Clayton ’24, and Gretta Scholz ’24 are headed to Midway, Utah, to compete in the 2022 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Skiing Championships, scheduled for March 9-12 and hosted by the University of Utah. It’s the first time a full Nordic women’s team has qualified to compete for the national title, said Tracey Cote, Colby’s head Nordic ski coach. In addition to the Nordic skiers, two members of Colby’s alpine team, Chauncey Morgan ’22 and Ella Spear ’23, have qualified to compete in Park City. Nordic and alpine skiers will be scored together for one team score.

Gretta Scholz ’24, Rose Clayton ’24, and Erin Bianco ’22 warm up before strength training at the Harold Alfond Athletics and Recreation Center.
Erin Bianco ’22 trains with resistance bands before ski practice.
Gretta Scholz ’24 trains with the Nordic ski team.

Cote said the skiers are ready for the competition, which will include athletes who have just returned from the Olympics. “Our women’s team has been on a roll, finishing on the podium as a team a couple of times, and Erin Bianco finishing on the podium as an individual. Rose Clayton has also finished in the top 10, and Gretta Scholz is coming on strong here at the end of the season,” Cote said. “We are going in wanting to be competitive, and Erin for sure being in her last year has extremely high goals.”

Rose Clayton ’24 and Gretta Scholz ’24 react to Erin Bianco ’22 as they remove their skis from the car to practice at Quarry Road.
Rose Clayton ’24 waxes her skis before hitting the trails.
Erian Bianco ’22 tucks her skis and heads downhill while practicing at Quarry Road Trails before leaving to compete in the NCAA Ski Championships in Utah.
Nordic skiing finalists Erin Bianco ’22, Rose Clayton ’24, and Gretta Scholz ’24 practice at Quarry Road Trails.
Rose Clayton ’24, Gretta Scholz ’24, and Erin Bianco ’22 practice at Quarry Road Trails.

While this is the first time a full women’s team has qualified for the NCAA championship, Colby has regularly sent individual skiers, including a full men’s team. “It’s incredible competition, and it’s something we look forward to each and every year,” Cote said. “It’s a big deal for our program, and our athletes are ready to do their very best in representing Colby College.” 

The NCAA championships will be webcast on NCAA.com. The cross-country races will be on Thursday, March 10, and Saturday, March 12.