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A Lucky Find or an Educated Guess?

Thanks to a course he took at Colby, Will Sideri ’20 helped identify a page from a valuable 13th-century manuscript at a Waterville estate sale

Debra Spark

Debra Spark’s Latest Book Project Rises to the Occasion

The English professor co-edits Breaking Bread, an anthology of essays about food, with proceeds helping to address Maine’s hunger problem

Washington Monument

A Tall Story, in Photos and Words

The allure of obelisks captures the interest of Colby scholars Gary Green and Gianluca Rizzo

Deanna Perez ’22

Deanna Perez ’22 Continues Her Educational Journey at Harvard

Emboldened by her experience on Mayflower Hill, the recent Colby graduate works toward her dream of becoming a college dean

Dean Allbritton

Center for the Arts and Humanities Forges Ahead

Founding director Kerill O’Neill helped the center thrive in its first decade, and Dean Allbritton is moving it forward

Marta Ameri

The Long History of Women’s Economic Power

Marta Ameri’s research on artifacts found in ancient tombs disrupts notions of gender roles

Senior Standouts 2022 portraits

Senior Standouts 2022

These graduating seniors represent the academic breadth and excellence of Colby College’s Class of 2022.

Fulbright winners

Fulbright Grants Will Allow Graduates to Deepen Cultural Competency

Three young scholars win prestigious grants to diverse countries, where they'll teach English and conduct research

Photo of Adrianna Paliyenko, the Arnold Bernhard Professor in Arts and Humanities

A Detective in the Archives

Adrianna Paliyenko’s painstaking work in the Yale archives brings underappreciated French poet Louisa Siefert back to life

William "Bro" Adams

William D. “Bro” Adams makes forceful pitch for a liberal arts education 

In a new book, the former Colby president calls for educational practices “that are thoughtfully aligned” with the lives students will live