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Nora Youngs at chalkboard

$2.4-Million Gift Brings Continued Support to Tenured Faculty

The Haynesville Project’s transformative grants for faculty research are extended through 2027

Urgent Work on the Impact of Wildfire Emissions

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Greg Drozd studies soot from wildfires at the molecular level to measure the impact on our climate

Christian Okyere ’26

More Than the Sum of its Parts

A unique summer camp aimed at Waterville children unexpectedly benefits Colby students

A female red-winged blackbird, a song sparrow, a female mallard duck with ducklings, a laughing gull, and a male red-winged blackbird were spotted earlier this summer on Allen Island.

Understanding the Mysteries of Bird Migration

With the installation of a new tracking system, Colby’s Island Campus is now part of an international research network that monitors birds, bats, and insects

Jaslynn Devora '26, an environmental science major, examines an ant she collected on Round Top Mountain in the Kennebec Highlands.

The Mighty Ant

This summer, Colby students are helping biologist Chris Moore better understand ‘the most successful animals to have ever lived’

CEERS image of distant black holes

JWST Detects Most Distant, Active Supermassive Black Hole to Date

Colby astronomers using the James Webb Space Telescope also detected other distant black holes and early galaxies for the first time

Denise Bruesewitz

A Professor’s Quest for Clean Water

Denise Bruesewitz is reintroducing inconspicuous but remarkable freshwater mussels to help improve degraded waters

Senior Standouts 2023

Senior Standouts 2023

These graduating seniors represent the academic breadth and excellence of Colby’s Class of 2023.

Colby Life Sciences Alumni Recognized by National Science Foundation

Four recent biology and environmental education graduates awarded prestigious graduate research grants

Dave Angelini

‘An Appendage for Every Function’

Dave Angelini’s newly published research explores genetic traits of female and male milkweed bugs